Short.Doc.20'44''.2016 Film +++ Işıl Karataş Music +++ Ole Tholen // Nico van Wersch // Lukas Thielecke Mixing +++ Ludwig.Fiedler
Three musicians travel from Berlin to Istanbul while performing on the streets, in forests and deserted places which they find on their route. The music evolves with the peculiar sceneries and the audience - from kids to animals and dancing passerby to everlasting trees.The camera unrestingly chases the nomad performers and their unusual routines.


17/20.11.2017                                                                  MUVI Lisboa, Lisbon / Critics Award



14.11.2017                                                                                                               Shortcutz Lisbon



23.09.2017                                                                       Unerhört.Musikfilmfestival.Hamburg




16.08.2017                                                                                                   multilayerladen,Berlin



02.07.2017                                                                                                                                                                                                            Babylon.Mitte@Berlin.Short.Film.Festival